As for many other companies, 2015 was a challenging year for the Tetra Laval Group. Despite contractions in key markets such as China, Brazil and Russia, the Group delivered a strong performance. The Group found new ways to grow its business in non-traditional areas, while at the same time running its operations efficiently. The three industry groups – Tetra Pak, Sidel and DeLaval – are today leaders within their industries. Over the past year they managed to secure or strengthen their positions by launching many new innovative products as well as by helping their customers to be more efficient and successful. Customer focus has always been, and always will be, a hallmark of the Group.

In this year’s annual report, you can read about Tetra Pak’s deployment of new packaging formats, which have been well received by customers, and the introduction of the Tetra Rex® Bio-based package – the world’s first fully renewable package, derived from sugar cane and FSC™ paperboard. And not least, a revolutionary new technology called eBeam – providing a paradigm shift by using electronic emissions to sterilise packaging materials.

In the Sidel section the new CEO stakes out his vision for the future and how the company will become even more agile in offering world ​class equipment and services to customers. You will also be able to read about the continuous roll-out of the Sidel Matrix™ offering, including Sidel Matrix eHR for hot-filling applications and Sidel Matrix Predis™ for aseptic applications for juices, dairy and sports drinks.

DeLaval has many exciting ideas and news about sustainable farming and how it can help farmers improve productivity. One example is new developments in data collection and analysis, aligning with trends towards precision farming. Another is the launch of DeLaval body condition scoring BCS™ in 2015, providing the world’s first commercially available system for automatic scoring of a cow’s body condition, promoting animal health.​