​​​​​​​​​​​​​OUR STRATEGY

Population and urbanisation increase continue being the main drivers for beverage consumption. Nevertheless, beverage demand is becoming more complex and more diverse, as the need for customisation and the quest for healthier routines act as multipliers of possible combinations of tastes and ingredients.

At the Sidel Group, we help beverage, food, home and personal care producers adapt to fast-changing and increasingly competitive markets by enabling market development and cost optimisation.

This is why we deliver long-term superior performance for our customers and profitable growth for ourselves. Ultimately, it is about coping with a growing pressure to continually adapt and change, while still exploring ways to improve line performance overtime and keeping total cost of ownership (TCO) as low as possible.

​In order to deal with these challenges and ensure long lasting relationships with our customers, our strategy is articulated around 3 pillars.

Our strategic pillars to deliver performance through understanding

Customer solution

Create Customer Success

Our long-term experience of beverage, food and other packaging sectors enables us to propose the best solution for a given business challenge, fitting the specific need of each market segment and each customer. We also make sure that these solutions are based on proven technologies, giving our customers peace of mind about reliability and cost effectiveness of their operations.

Via the right mix of local support and specialised advice, brought to the market by the three strong brands the Sidel Group is comprising – Sidel, Gebo Cermex, Novembal – we support our customers in making the right choice and maintaining performance over the line lifetime.

Sidel line

Deliver Lifetime Solutions

Quality and reliability are for sure our first focus when looking at our equipment and service offering. At the same time, smart solutions enable us to continuously shape and adapt our development plans, while improving performance, so that our customers can strongly benefit from this. Additionally, working continuously on breakthrough innovation as well as on incremental improvement on functionalities or ergonomics we make the difference in sustaining line performance.

Sidel training solutions

Grow Together

By working together with our customers, while fostering diversity and collaboration across various expertise areas, we can bring producers the combination of competences and resources required to grow.

All along our journey, we will monitor progress by measuring customers’ and employees’ satisfaction, sales growth and profit growth.