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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Agility 4.0: The vehicle to help producers achieve all the benefits of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 – the trend for an increasing use of automation, cyber-physical equipment and computerised systems for the acquisition and processing of data – offers multiple opportunities to let customers stay ahead of the competition. In this interview Ludovic Tanchou, Vice President of Strategy, Products and Innovation of Gebo Cermex – a brand of the Sidel Group - explains how the company’s Agility 4.0™ programme can help customers embrace these opportunities, to improve their productivity.

What are the key requirements of your customers on efficient packaging systems and the ”smart factory”?

Today’s consumer is becoming more selective - demanding goods with greater individuality, variety and convenience. At the same time, distribution is looking for more customised delivery methods and increased responsiveness, largely driven by different purchasing behaviours and new retail models. Faced with this growing pressure to continually adapt and change, customers need to monitor equipment efficiency and control system performance to maximise uptime across the line. They also need to implement sustainability measures to lower the consumption of energy, raw materials and other resources, whilst minimising costs. Ultimately, it is about achieving increased line performance, whatever the product, while optimising total cost of ownership (TCO).

What is driving the transition to Industry 4.0?

The packaging industry needs to find new ways to improve line operations in terms of speed, efficiency, flexibility and versatility. This is driving a transition from mass production to mass customisation, yet without compromises on performance criteria. To facilitate this transition, Industry 4.0 offers multiple opportunities.

What is the uniqueness of Gebo Cermex’ Agility 4.0™ programme?

By increasing the productivity of packaging manufacturing plants, Agility 4.0™ makes them more connected, flexible and responsive – in a word, agile. This programme plays a major role in making the factory of tomorrow a reality today. Driven by five pillars (Virtual Factory; Smart Factory; Connected Factory; Eco-friendly Factory and Extended Factory), it brings Smart Factories to life to create a world of greater choice and unique consumer experience driven by packaging mass customisation and product diversity.

​Has the programme achieved any industry recognition?

Gebo Cermex recently received the official mark “Vitrine industrie du futur” (Industry of the future), awarded by the Alliance Industrie Du Futur (AIF) in recognition of our efforts to introduce, develop and implement Industry 4.0 initiatives. One of the main benefits we can deliver to producers via our Agility 4.0 programme, indeed, is to protect their competitiveness in a global, fast-changing market.

Making a complete line a complete solution

Producers need to respond to the ever-changing consumer market while at the same time improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This constant pursuit of greater productivity and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), has prompted innovative challenges within the liquid packaging industry, asking for production lines that are increasingly technologically advanced. The Sidel Group’s offer of complete line solutions meets these requirements and helps customers stay at the forefront of competition. The industry is now taking a more holistic approach when installing new beverage production lines, because finding the optimum solution goes beyond a simple choice of equipment. It requires a flexible approach to the setup of complete line solutions.

By collaborating with a full solution partner that is expert in liquid packaging when considering a complete new line, beverage producers gain access to a thorough understanding of the entire supply chain. “With the correct packaging development, flexible and reliable equipment, tailored line design, efficient line supply and ramp-up, smart data and prompt after-sales support and service, we are able to ensure that a producer’s investment has the versatility that is needed - both at the time of installation and also in the future,” says Frédéric Sailly, Executive Vice President of Product Management and Development at Sidel.


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