DeLaval market

​​​​​​Sales growth and opportunity in the US, Germany and China

While the revival of the dairy industry in Japan presents DeLaval with the possibility of future success there, DeLaval is currently experiencing success in the US, German and Chinese markets. Since being launched in 2015, we’ve sold more than 30 DeLaval Teat Spray Robot TSR™ units worldwide, with growing interest in North America, Europe and China.

More specifically, sales of the DeLaval TSR™ continue to grow in the US and Germany. Winning a “Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award” at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin in 2015, as well as the success of the DeLaval TSR™ on US farms may be the key reasons for its continued growth in US sales. One of the main costs on a farm is labour, and farmers can save in this area without compromising performance by using the DeLaval TSR™. Traditionally, spraying or dipping has been done manually, which is both time-consuming and labour-intensive. The robot, however, is one of the first fully automatic teat spray solutions for dairy farms with rotaries, and is particularly useful for large herds, as it can accurately spray up to 400 cows per hour, increasing labour efficiency to upward of 200 cows.

The Bauernland AG farm in Waldkirchen, Germany, is one happy user of the DeLaval TSR. After installing its new automatic milking rotary, the DeLaval AMR™, the occurrence of mastitis decreased and time has been saved on labour. The decrease in mastitis is attributed to each teat being individually and fully milked, and to the use and accuracy of the teat spray robot. The automation of spraying has also saved them time.

Meanwhile, China continues to invest in robotic farming. The Chinese government is investing in farming in Heilonjiang province in the northeast China, an area regarded as one of the prime farming areas in the country, by subsidising medium-scale farms that have fewer than 100 cows to help them increase to 300–500 cows. Robotic farming is relatively new to this part of China, but is considered an important factor in developing large-scale farming in the region, as it can help improve production, reduce costs and reduce negative environmental impacts. To promote smart farming and to share best practices with larger herds, Delaval continues to work with research institutes, universities and dairy farms. More than 60% of the large-scale dairy farms in this part of China are using milking equipment from Delaval, and we expect to maintain our strong position in the future.