High-performance packaging production solutions

Sidel helps package beverages, food, home and personal care products in PET, can, glass and other materials. We are passionate about providing complete solutions that fulfil customer needs and boost the performance of their lines, products and businesses.

With over 40,000 machines installed in more than 190 countries, we have nearly 170 years of proven experience, with a strong focus on providing our business partners with state-of-the-art equipment, services and innovations that they need to reach their goals.

Our strategy

Our strategy is customer driven through partnership, a complete and innovative portfolio and performance orientation. Our aim is always to deliver the performance our customers need to reach their goals. To do that, we must first understand each challenge they face as a producer.

We are known in the market as a knowledgeable partner for our customers – offering the best service to them, which also includes support to improve our customers’ sustainability performance. We do this through our innovation capabilities and our longstanding packaging expertise.

We offer complete and innovative packaging solutions with equipment that is easy to service, has an increased focus on digitalisation and lowers our customers’ Total Cost of Ownership. Our end-to-end packaging contributes to a better environment and our complete solutions minimise water, energy and material consumption.

Our concept ‘Performance through Understanding’ is also part of our strategy. With our expertise, know­ledge and understanding of our customers, we can optimise their products and help them develop their business and competitiveness. Our customers rely on strong performance to meet their full range of needs while never compromising on food safety and security.

Our product solutions

Sidel serves brand owners, manufacturers and co-packers, active across beverage businesses as well as in the food, home and personal care (FHPC) industries. We are a leading provider of blowing, filling, labelling, material-handling, end-of-line and engineering solutions for multiple applications. We deliver equipment and services within primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, and we also offer processing equipment, supplied by Tetra Pak, as well as automated warehousing solutions with our partner Elettric80, enabling customers to work end-to-end with one partner.

Our customers

We support both non-alcoholic beverage producers (water, carbonated soft drinks, liquid dairy products, juices, nectars, isotonics, soft drinks and teas) and alcoholic beverage producers (beer, wine and spirits), as well as FHPC producers across food, home and personal care markets.

Sidel facts:  
Net sales 2020 €1.3 billion
Saels in >90 countries
Number of employees 2020 5,266
Technical Training Centres 14
Research and Development Centres 10
Production plants 17
Sidel facts


In 2020, the Beverage, Food, Home and Personal Care industries continued to innovate through new thinking around in-home drinking, increased sustainability and health concerns. In 2020, beverage, foods, home and personal care market segments amounted to 3558 billion units of consumer-packaged goods sold. Global data analysts forecast that approximately 284 billion additional units will be sold by 2023 (2 per cent compound annual growth rate – CAGR – from 2019 to 2023), Source: GlobalData.


Overall demand is driven by increasing health trends and sugar taxes. Growth is expected from Asia, but also the USA with better-for-you alternatives to CSDs and juices, notably through flavoured waters. Water brands are investing in sustainability, which is driving packaging innovation. Kid’s water, premium brands and home delivery are other growth drivers among others. In 2020, the total market was 349 billion units, with projection to increase to 423 billion units in 2023.

Juice, Nectar, Soft Drinks, Isotonic and Tea

Following the ‘good-for-your-health’ trend, 100 per cent juices and cold-pressed juices are expected to grow faster than still drinks. Energy drinks represent the best performing beverage category​, driven by Asia, which is also the market leader for iced/ready-to-drink tea. In 2020, the total market was 351 billion units, with projection to increase to 385 billion units in 2023.

CSD – Carbonated Soft Drinks

Despite growing health awareness, the industry is expected to experience growth in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe: Premiumisation, low-calorie variants and smaller optimised pack formats (more convenient for ‘on-the-go’ consumption) are driving product innovation. In 2020, 263 billion units were sold with a projection of 280 billion units in 2023.

Liquid Dairy Products – LDP

The LDP market is highly dynamic, particularly in Asia. Significant growth is expected in drinking yogurt in China, as well as milk in India. Product innovation is driven by increased demand for plant-based drinks (i.e. almond milk, soy milk etc.), and attempts to appeal to consumers concerned about their health and the environment. Flavour diversification is a key growth driver. In 2020, the total market was 410 billion units, with projection to increase to 445 billion units in 2023.

Beer, W&S – Wine & Spirits

The industry was impacted by trade closures in 2020 and faced an increasing health-conscious trend, which required innovation through more moderate low- or no-alcohol products, new flavour options (notably local flavours in Asia) and broadened sustainability claims (beyond recyclable packaging). Hard/Spike seltzers are growing in popularity. In 2020, the total market was 409 billion units, with projection to increase to 438 billion units in 2023.

Food, Home and Personal Care – FHPC

In this market, the increasing adoption of PET is driven by transparency, branding opportunities (design freedom) and cost efficiency. It also has ‘green potential’ to meet tightening regulations that will require producers to reduce their carbon footprint by integrating recycled material and light weighting their containers. In 2020, the total market was 1,776 billion units, with projection to increase to 1,871 billion units in 2023.


In 2020, Sidel received the prestigious World Food Innovation Awards in the Best Drink Packaging Design category. With its prize-winning design, AYA provides a comprehensive end-to-end alternative for still water, featuring 100 per cent recycled rPET primary packaging while optimising secondary and tertiary carton packaging.

AYA is based on a 220 ml water bottle featuring an innovative V-shape. The design promotes the circular economy by radically reducing the amount of materials required. The eco-friendly AYA marks the first bottle concept released by Sidel to the industry, which has been designed with an articulated shoulder featuring three stable positions for different stages, a Sidel patented shoulder solution named Swing™.