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DeLaval is a market leader and trusted partner for thousands of farmers around the globe – providing integrated milking solutions that are designed to improve dairy farmer production, as well as animal welfare and their overall quality of life.


At DeLaval, our vision to make sustainable food production possible is at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide dairy farmers around the world with innovative solutions to ensure a successful dairy farming business.

We have refined our approach to sustainability to ensure it covers everything we do – both within our company and how we benefit our customers. Our sustainability model focuses on three main perspectives – Environment, Food and Animal Welfare, and Social and Economic.

Products and solutions

As a company built on innovation, we constantly work to find ways of helping our customers, dairy farmers, do more with less by providing world-leading milking equipment and solutions.

DeLaval offers highly efficient system solutions for milking as well as farm and herd management, animal traffic control, feeding, cooling and manure handling. DeLaval customers can also choose from a wide range of services and consumables, including liners and tubes, farm supplies and original parts to ensure milk quality and animal health.

By providing better conditions for animals, farmers can improve animal health and longevity while at the same time maintain or improve farm profitability. A healthy animal provides more milk, at a better quality and for longer.

Our customers

DeLaval’s customers range from family farms to enterprise farms with thousands of cows. Regardless of size, we’re there to help every step of the way.

Every time we help a farmer find a way to produce more milk from the same herd, we make food production more sustainable. This might involve introducing a new working method on the farm, a new parlour, improved hygiene, more data to make better decisions, and the promotion of healthier cows to increase their milking lifetime.

DeLaval facts:  
Net sales 2020 €1.1 billion
Saels in >100 countries
Number of employees 2020 4,724
Technical Training Centres 6
Research and Development Centres 7
Production plants 14
DeLaval facts


Demand for dairy products continues to grow as the world’s population increases, with the United Nations forecasting a global population of almost 10 billion by 2050. Major global market trends for DeLaval include:

Growing need for dairy

Population growth, increasing income and dietary changes will contribute to the global consumption of dairy products increasing by 1.8 per cent per year until 2025.

Milk and feed prices

Imbalances between supply and demand lead to price volatility on milk and feed products, which effect farm profitability and investments.

Larger farms

The ongoing consolidation of milk production and the creation of larger farms drives more efficient production, automation and data management technologies.

Farmer challenges

Our customers across the globe face four main challenges: profitability, animal welfare, food safety and farm efficiency. Our strategy is created to help them meet those challenges. These challenges are often linked, for example improved animal welfare means happier cows, less medical cost and a higher milk yield, which results in improved profit for the customer.

Challenges in production

Milk production challenges include the need to continuously increase yields and changes in agricultural regulation – including the availability of subsidies and grants, and access to capital and resources.


Research and innovation are central to the continued ability of DeLaval to support its customers. With seven R&D centres around the globe, we work closely with a worldwide network of farmers, academics, dedicated research facilities, scientists, sales teams and authorised dealers.

Driving animal welfare through technology and innovation
Animal welfare has always been an important component of our sustainability work, while being fundamental to the financial profitability of dairies. DeLaval is increasingly drawing on technology and innovation to promote animal welfare. “DeLaval offers a range of products, sensors and data analysis tools that promote a safe and comfortable barn environment and closely monitor the health and welfare of individual cows,” explains Cecilia Bågenvik, VP Animal Intelligence and Animal Welfare Solutions. “Our offering allows a proactive approach to preventative cow health to promote productivity and the internationally recognised five freedoms of animal welfare.” One example is sensors that measure different milk parameters to ensure quality and food safety, while verifying the well-being of individual cows. During 2020, DeLaval Herd Navigator 100, which is integrated into the DeLaval VMS™ V310 milking machine to monitor the reproductive health of cows, has been a commercial success by adding significant value to the farmer.