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DeLaval is a market leader and trusted partner for thousands of farmers around the globe – providing integrated milking solutions that are designed to improve dairy production, as well as animal welfare and overall quality of life.


In 2023, we sharpened our focus to future-proof both DeLaval and our customers. Automation, digital services, animal welfare and sustainability are all key topics where we can have the greatest impact on farmers across the globe. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide dairy farmers around the world with innovative solutions to contribute to a successful dairy farming business.

Products and solutions

As a company built on innovation, we constantly work to find ways of helping our dairy farmer customers do more with less by providing world-leading milking equipment and solutions. DeLaval offers highly efficient system solutions for milking and other on-farm activities.

DeLaval customers can benefit from advisory and digital services to improve their performance. They can also choose from all-inclusive service plans and consumables including liners and tubes, farm supplies and original parts to ensure milk quality and animal health. By providing better conditions for animals, farmers can improve animal health and longevity while at the same time maintain or improve farm profitability. A healthy animal provides more milk, at a better quality and for longer.

Our customers

We are active across the globe in over 100 markets and modern dairy farmers are increasingly drawing on automated solutions to drive efficiency. Every time we help a farmer find a way to produce more milk from the same herd, we make food production more sustainable. This might involve increasing farm automation, promoting healthier cows to increase their milking lifetime, or introducing an updated working method, a new parlour, better hygiene or more data to make better decisions.

DeLaval facts:  
Net sales 2023 €1.395 billion
Saels in >100 countries
Number of employees 2023 4,778
Technical Training Centres 13
R&D Centres 7
Production plants 13
Distribution centres 6
DeLaval facts


The dairy industry is shaped by global trends, which create both opportunities and challenges for DeLaval’s market. The current major trends include:

Macro economics

Slowing economic growth, geopolitical instability, increased cost of living, rising inflation and interest rates are all challenges for DeLaval and the wider dairy industry. Dairy farmers are under pressure from higher farm production costs and lower milk prices.

Farm consolidation

The continued global shift towards large-scale operations is mitigating escalating costs and increasing efficiency. There is a growing demand for solutions that promote automation, digitalisation and sustainability in the dairy industry.


Digitalisation is changing the competitive landscape and creating new business opportunities. Digital solutions are enabling dairy farmers to improve nutritional security, animal health and increase productivity by providing valuable insights that enable informed decisions.

Demand for dairy will outstrip supply

The long-term demand for milk is expected to outpace supply with cheese consumption being the major growth driver of dairy demand. Future growth in milk production will come mainly from increased cow yield rather than herd growth.


Consumer expectations on sustainability are increasingly reflected in agricultural policies, subsidies and incentives from dairy processing companies. Dairy farmers must embrace sustainability to maintain their licence to operate and future-proof their business.

Labour costs and shortages​

Rising labour costs and skilled labour shortages are driving investments in automation. Investments in automation are often a prerequisite for new generations on family-owned farms.


Enabling better dairy farm decision making

DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis, which provides actionable intelligence for better, faster and more accurate decisions, began its roll-out in 2023.

The farm management tool tracks cow location and uses artificial intelligence (AI) and sensors to analyse individual animal behaviour and help identify cows that are sick or in heat. Real-time information helps farmers to manage their to-do lists more efficiently and effectively.

“By responding to a cow quickly and with the right action, producers can drive the performance of their farm by increasing cow productivity and welfare,” said Joaquín Azocar, Solution Manager, DeLaval Farm Management Systems. “DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis ensures total visibility and oversight of their cows.”

The system uses DeLaval BioSensor ear tags, which automatically communicate with nodes installed throughout the barn. The data is shared with the DeLaval DeepBlue AI model, which analyses the information using sophisticated cow behaviour models. The system returns this information to farmers in the form of actionable intelligence so they can make better, faster and more accurate decisions.

Cow and calves