​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sidel Highlights 2021/2022

Sidel’s dry preform sterilisation enhances Nongfu Spring’s aseptic production

Nongfu Spring, a leading Chinese soft drink producer, acquired the Versatile Aseptic Combi Predis™, which is a complete aseptic packaging line from Sidel. Nongfu Spring’s latest additions to its beverage portfolio required a hyper-flexible and safe aseptic solution, able to process high- and low-acid, still and carbonated products in PET, while enabling attractive bottle designs. Sidel’s aseptic dry preform sterilisation solution has supported Nongfu Spring in the efficient expansion of its portfolio, while ensuring reliability and product integrity. The line helped the Chinese beverage producer launch a breakthrough in the domestic market: sparkling Ready-to-Drink products, aseptically bottled in PET.

Bottle, glas and production line

Varun Beverages in India chooses Sidel’s aseptic PET technology to combine dairy and juice filling

Varun Beverages Ltd, part of RJ Corp group, one of the largest franchises for PepsiCo Inc. globally, has installed Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis™ including dry preform sterilisation in its newly established plant in Punjab, India. This important project aims to expand PET bottling capacity and provide production flexibility for the private label milk brand Cream Bell as well as Pepsi’s Tropicana juice range. The investment was driven by the trend of Indian consumers looking for more nutritional beverages with a market shift towards so-called ‘better-for-you’ drinks. “Managing both juices and dairy products on the same PET packaging line flexibly was essential for us, and we could only make it happen by producing in aseptic,” says R.J.S. Bagga, Director Technical & Operations at RJ Corp.

Sidel Super Combi line solution

Leading oil seed processor in Africa chooses Sidel’s blowers

Willowton Group in South Africa has strengthened its market position thanks to Sidel’s expertise in PET blowing and packaging design. To differentiate its sunflower oil brand, Sunfoil, as well increase production volumes, Willowton purchased two Sidel EvoBLOWTM standalone blowers and took advantage of Sidel’s packaging design skills to develop customised family bottle shapes. In addition, Willowton chose to install a mould Bottle Switch™ system to conduct ultrarapid bottle changeovers of different bottle formats. One of the many benefits of Sidel blowers is a more independent bottle production setup. The equipment also enables efficient production planning and reduces warehouse space.

Sunfoil PET bottles

Romanian mineral water producer invests in complete PET line for improved capacity and sustainability

To meet changing market demands, Romanian mineral water company Apemin Tusnad, has invested in a new Sidel Combi carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water PET line to maintain its high technical and hygiene standards. All bottle forming, filling and closing operations are performed in an integrated and fully automated system. The entire circuit of bottling mineral water – from underground aquifer to the enclosed filling environment – takes place in a controlled system without any external biological interaction. Sidel’s BlendFill integrated filler and carbonator solution also reduces Apemin Tusnad’s CO2 consumption as it requires fewer components and functions. In addition, due to the light-­weighting and shorter neck finish of the bottle, Apemin Tusnad achieves an average savings of 5 per cent on plastic consumption per bottle.

Sidel mineral water PET line

Spanish milk producer invests in complete aseptic PET line

COVAP, a Spanish cooperative and one of the major milk producers in Spain, has invested in its first complete aseptic PET line from Sidel. UHT liquid dairy products (LDPs) are now available in PET bottles for the first time.

Although LDPs are dominated by carton packaging, major supermarket players have also decided to sell them in PET bottles based on market preference. The line was not only installed for COVAP UHT dairy products, but also for retailer brands from hotel, restaurant and café channels. The new PET bottles were designed with a sleek shape, providing a similar look and feel to glass bottles. Thanks to the PET barrier properties, the shelf life of milk drinks has been extended by four months to retain their fresh taste. The line investment has enabled COVAP to annually produce 30 million PET bottles.

Splashing milk and filling line

Braguinée rapidly launched a new 1 L bottle thanks to Sidel remote services

Sidel has helped its customer Braguinée (Nouvelle Brasserie de Guinée), part of the Gaselia Group and specialised in producing carbonated soft drinks, to adapt its offering to meet the market need for larger formats. The company was previously producing beverages in small, on-the-go formats (300 ml and 350 ml) and needed to adapt its production for home consumption with a larger format (1 L) for three of its flagship brands (‘Planet’, ‘Bubble Up’ and ‘American Cola’). In just three days, Sidel’s multi-expertise team from around the world were mobilised to guide and empower the customer, using Sidel’s latest remote line-adaptation technologies and leveraging effective digital solutions – Remote Video Assistance and Remote Access – for the quick set-up of the larger formats.

American Cola PET bottles