Sustainability at the heart of our business

5,000 solar panels have been installed at Sidel’s site in Parma, Italy

At Sidel, sustainability is not only related to the environment, but also to social and governance (ESG) topics. We have ambitious targets to ensure Sidel contributes positively to combatting climate change, protecting water and biodiversity, enforcing human rights and promoting responsible governance.


At the end of 2023, 100 per cent of Sidel’s production sites were certified to the ISO14001 environmental management system, which provides a framework for Sidel to establish, implement, maintain and continually reduce its environmental footprint. Sidel’s objective is to maintain all sites certified by 2024. In 2024, Sidel will also develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure it plays its part in managing water and protecting biodiversity.


People are always at the centre of what we do, both within our own organisation, at customer sites and in the communities we engage globally. Our strong commitment to safety is demonstrated by our aim to achieve zero work-related accidents and includes a focus on mental health. This safety culture extends to cover our customers to proactively prevent accidents related to Sidel machines at their sites.

We fully support international human rights principles and are dedicated to diversity and inclusion, and to promoting equity. We also prioritise employee well-being and provide personal development opportunities to ensure Sidel employees are life-long learners.

Responsible Business Practices

Sidel’s Corporate Governance Framework provides us with a moral compass to guide our decision making and run an ethical business. It also helps to abide by our values and engage with stakeholders throughout the value chain on a broad range of topics.

In terms of responsible sourcing, we work closely with our suppliers to build a culture of climate action and environmental responsibility through our Responsible Sourcing Procedure. Responsible governance also covers our products and our unique ability to meet customer needs as sustainably as possible through innovation.

As everyone at Sidel needs to be brought along on the company’s ESG journey, employee engagement is another cornerstone of its strategy for example driven by our newly created Sustainability Builders network. Through training programmes and awareness campaigns, Sidel empowers colleagues to play their part in contri­buting to its decarbonisation goals and its work to create a more inclusive workplace and to drive sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Sidel’s Aseptic Predis X4 packaging system

Sidel’s Aseptic Predis X4 packaging system combines the highest food safety standards, unprecedented ease of use and lower environmental footprint. The system saves 220 litres of Peracetic Acid (PAA) per day compared with wet sterilisation.

Illustration: ISO

100% of all production centres are ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Our ISO 14001 environmental management systems and ISO 45001 health and safety management systems help drive our sustainability work.

Illustration: Target 100 % Q1 2024

Certification roadmap

From 19 individual certificates to a Global one


Two new sites


80% Environment
75% H&S


80% certification


100% certification


Maintain 100% certification

Logo Science based targets

SBTi objectives

We set clear science-based targets:


reduction in Sidel’s emissions from operations (scope 1 and 2) by 2030


reduction in Sidel’s customer emissions (scope 3) by 2030

EcoVadis Europe Map

EcoVadis silver

Our site in Octeville in France received an EcoVadis Silver rating in 2023 and is working to achieve a Gold rating in 2024. Sidel is also starting an EcoVadis certification for the entire Group, with the objective to obtain a medal by 2025.