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​​​​​​​​A Sustainable Sidel

At Sidel, we believe that sustainable practices and good business go hand in hand. By including sustainability in everything we do, we can play an active role in protecting our environment, and ultimately our future.

A far-reaching sustainable approach

We work with sustainability throughout our business and are committed to minimising our footprint while maximising our positive impact throughout our value chain. Realising this ambition depends on ensuring sustainable success in our direct emissions, energy consumption at our own sites and in our sourcing activities.

Management systems for constant improvement

We set high standards at all our sites around the globe to meet – and even exceed – our customers’ needs and expectations. Our ISO 14001 environmental management system and ISO 45001 Health and Safety management system certifications cover 12 of our industrial sites and another three sites will be certified in 2021. So all together, 66 per cent of our sites were certified in 2020, and we are aiming to have about 75 per cent of all sites certified by the end of 2021.

Towards sustainable packaging and equipment

Our packaging solutions are based on a huge amount of innovation, and we are committed to help our customers to minimise their environmental footprint.

PET is the most collected and recycled plastic material, and can be seen as a resource, not a waste. Recycling requires a lot less energy and reduces carbon emissions than processing virgin materials. Today, bottles made from 100 per cent recycled PET are already available. Besides its unique properties such as food safety, design and convenience, PET is the only plastic packaging material that can be recycled bottle to bottle, which significantly reduces environmental impact. In essence it means that we can reduce the carbon footprint, recycle the packages and reuse them.

A recent innovative product example is the new X-LITETM Still bottle design, which is the lightest ever PET bottle design. Sidel’s engineers have managed to integrate the StarLITETM Still base solution into a new bottle design. With a weight of 6.5 grams for a 500 ml bottle compared with a regular PET bottle of 12 grams, it can save 1,485 tonnes of PET per year while generating energy savings of up to 335,000 kWh/year. This is the most cost-effective and sustainable PET packaging solution available on the market. Another example is 3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing, where we can create 3-dimensional customised parts from a CAD or digital model, while optimising energy efficiency.

Close collaboration throughout the value chain

Becoming more sustainable requires close collaboration with partners, such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies and industry associations on how to raise end-user awareness about PET packaging, and to develop designs with lower environmental footprint and increased recycled content. Sidel also supports customers to achieve their carbon and water reduction goals with a service offering that includes options and upgrades, line improvements, packaging redesign and process optimisation programmes.

ISO 14001

Target of 75% of all sites are ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified

Our ISO 14001 environmental management system and ISO 45001 Health and Safety management system certifications will cover an increasing number of sites in 2021.

X-lite PET bottle

60% lighter

50% lower blower energy needs

170% faster production

AYA eco concept, PET bottles

The water packaging concept won the World Food Innovation Award in 2020:
• Lightweight 5 grams, 220 ml
• 100% rPET
• Secondary packaging reduced to a minimum, engineered within the Sidel ‘end-to-end’ approach

Green electricity

Green electricity

56% of electricity consumed by Sidel sites is sourced from certified renewable sources in collaboration with Tetra Pak.

PET recycling, 30% rPET

Recycled PET

All new PET packaging projects at Sidel are qualified to support a minimum of 30% recycled PET.

Green cloud 60000 tonnes greenhouse gas emissions reduction

Reduction greenhouse gas emissions

In 2020, Sidel eco solutions for ovens in their customers’ plants contributed to a reduction of over 60,000 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions.
These solutions can help players in the PET packaging industry to reduce their blow-moulding machine electricity consumption by up to 30%.