​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak Highlights 2020/2021

Tetra Pak recognised as a climate and forest stewardship leader​

The global environmental non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has included Tetra Pak on its prestigious ‘A List’ for both tackling climate change and forest stewardship. Tetra Pak is the only company in the carton packaging industry to be included in the CDP leadership band for five years in a row, and to score an outstanding double ‘A’ for climate and forests in 2020. Only the top 1 per cent of companies achieved a ‘double A’ out of 5,800+ companies that were scored based on data submitted through CDP’s 2020 questionnaire. The result reflects Tetra Pak’s long-term leading commitment to climate and forest stewardship.

First plant-based package in Serbia

NeXt, a Coca-Cola HBC (Hellenic Bottling Company) brand and one of Serbia’s leading juice companies, launched Tetra Gemina® Aseptic Leaf Bio-based package with a bio-based cap for its entire one litre range of premium natural juices. Made from 82 per cent renewable materials and with a 19 per cent lower carbon footprint, the package supports the customer’s sustainability agenda and reinforces its sustainability profile in the Serbian market. The entire NeXt portfolio also has a new visual identity, enabling consumers to easily recognise plant-based packaging. The product was well received in the market and will be followed by more plant-based packages.
Juice in Tetra Gemina Aseptic cartons, NeXt, Serbia

New factory in China

Following an unprecedented increase in demand for the DreamCap™26 closure, a new closures factory is being built at the Tetra Pak site in Hohhot, China. The new production facility will be built-for-purpose adjacent to the existing Hohhot converting factory, with the goal to commence production in the first half of 2021. The closures factory will be fully integrated and automated, and will incorporate best practice solutions from Tetra Pak’s operations in Seville. At full capacity, the new factory is expected to produce 10 billion closures per year, effectively securing supply and supporting growth in the Chinese market.
New factory in China

Tetra Rex® shows large market growth potential for sustainable solutions

The Tetra Rex® Bio-based package has been launched by Drena, a small dairy producer in Kosovo. The package is made entirely from plant-based FSC® certified paperboard while its cap, neck and coating are made from plastics derived from sugarcane. With the bio-based package, Drena demonstrates that even smaller companies can be sustainability pioneers. For Tetra Pak, Tetra Rex® shows large market growth potential for sustainable solutions, which are available to all types of customers all around the world.
Tetra Rex Bio-based package TwistCap opening, Drena, Kosovo

Packaging recycling coalition celebrates its first anniversary

The Packaging Recycling Organisation Vietnam (PRO Vietnam) is an industry coalition co-founded in 2019 by Tetra Pak and other leading food and beverage manufacturers to address post-consumer packaging issues. In 2020, it held a ceremony to commemorate its accomplishments after one year of operation, and to present its future objectives. The event was attended by over 200 guests including local politicians and partners, and PRO Vietnam set out its strategic objectives to encourage people to sort used packages, establish recycling processes and build capacity.
Woman looking at cartons on shelf

Processed cheese in Tetra Fino® Aseptic package

Obour Land for Food Industries is the processed cheese leader in Egypt with around 38 per cent of market share. In recent years, the customer has expanded its product range and in October launched the world’s first processed cheese in Tetra Fino® Aseptic package. Together with the customer, Tetra Pak developed a package solution that would be both affordable and convenient to more Egyptian consumers. The package has been well received in the market and is easy to open, does not require refrigeration and can be affordably priced.

Record growth for Tetra Recart® in Americas

Tetra Recart® is the packaging solution that offers a more sustainable alternative to canned foods. Our continuous strategy of adding new players and copackers to expand the categories of Tetra Recart® has enabled us to capture consumer demand for greater food safety and convenient cooking ingredients during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the year, the number of Tetra Recart packages grew by 46 per cent to 248 million packages, which is record annual growth since the system was launched in 2013. We saw particularly strong growth in Latin America, with 71 per cent growth in Argentina and 95 per cent growth in Chile.

Tetra Pak acquires eBeam development and manufacturing operations

The acquisition from Comet AG, a leading Swiss technology firm, will further boost Tetra Pak’s ability to deliver sustainable and higher efficiency filling lines for customers. eBeam sterilisation technology works by focusing a controlled beam of electrons on the surface of a packaging material to kill micro-­organisms as it runs through the filling machine. This improves production capacity by over 60 per cent, enabling up to 40,000 portion packs per hour on a filling line. It also makes water recycling easier, reduces energy consumption by up to a third, and helps avoid food waste.
Tetra Pak E3 filling machine platform