​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak Highlights 2021/2022

Installation of digital printer in Denton facility

Tetra Pak has completed the installation of its new full-colour, full-width digital printer at its Denton packaging material converting factory in Texas. Commissioning is ongoing and commercial production is expected in 2022. This marks an important milestone as Tetra Pak continues to drive innovation in the food and beverage industry with digitally printed smart packaging. “This digital printing technology opens new avenues for brands to connect more deeply with consumers while also delivering more customisation and flexibility,” says Jeff Fielkow, president and MD of Tetra Pak US and Canada.

Digital printer in Denton facility

Expansion of plant-based coatings for aseptic cartons in North America

As the demand for sustainable packaging continues to grow, Tetra Pak has expanded its production of aseptic cartons made with sugarcane-based polyethylene (PE) coatings at its Denton converting plant in Texas. The cartons incorporating plant-based PE will come with a plant-based cap that is also derived from sugarcane. “As we work towards creating a fully renewable shelf-stable package, plant-based PE gives us one more way to drive innovation and sustainability for our customers,” said Jason Pelz, Vice President of Sustainability, Tetra Pak Americas.


€100 million sustainable solutions investment in European manufacturing

Tetra Pak is expanding its Châteaubriant plant in France, which is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of caps, to support the plant’s transition to the production of tethered caps by 2024. As tethered caps help to minimise litter by ensuring the cap remains attached to the package, the investment will ensure that Tetra Pak’s customers in Europe will be ready to comply with the Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive.

Tetra Pak Châteaubriant plant in France

Switch to production of paper straws

Tetra Pak launched its first straight paper straw in 2019. The first week of July 2021 marked a major milestone as we pulled the plug on the plastic extrusion lines at the factory in Portugal, signaling the total switch to production of paper straws. Tetra Pak now have a comprehensive portfolio of paper straws that fit the European legislation, with straight, U-shaped and telescopic paper straws. The paper straws are made from FSC™ certified paper and recyclable with the rest of the Tetra Pak® package.

Package with paper straw

First Tetra Top® MiniV in GMEA launched

Tetra Pak’s biggest customer in Morocco, the dairy cooperative COPAG, launched a breakfast drinking yogurt in Tetra Top® miniV 330ml, which is the first of its kind in the Greater Middle East and Africa (GMEA) region. By launching this product in a new shape with a modern design, COPAG has reinforced its market-leading position and aims to associate its brand with innovation and quality to reach a broader range of consumers. This innovative package will also enable COPAG to compete in the smaller size chilled dairy products category, which is currently dominated by high-density polyethylene plastic.

Tetra Top® MiniV

First in North Europe: Fazer Aito launched oat drinks in Tetra Stelo® Aseptic

During the last years the demand for plant-based materials have increased. No longer do consumers demand only climate smart food and beverages – conscious consumers also have the same demands for the packages. The Finnish food company Fazer chose to launch their popular oat drinks in the new Tetra Stelo® Aseptic package, that is made of 87 % plant- based material. The round shaped package was found appealing to the consumers and differentiated Fazer from the competitors in the retail shelves.

Oat drink in Tetra Stelo® Aseptic

Tetra Pak and industry leaders launch first Malaysian Recycling Alliance

Tetra Pak has joined industry leaders including Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Unilever to establish a new Malaysian Recycling Alliance (MAREA). The alliance, which is a voluntary, industry-led group of like-minded companies, aims to improve the collection and recycling of post-consumer packaging, based on the principles of extended producer responsibility. “Through MAREA, we will rethink how we can make the packaging value chain more sustainable,” says MAREA Chairman Juan Aranols, who is also CEO of Nestlé Malaysia. “Change cannot be driven by one entity alone and requires proactive collaboration between all actors.”

MAREA Group photo

Tetra Pak upgrades its Pinetown factory in South Africa

The US$ 31 million investment to upgrade and increase the production capability of the packaging material factory reinforces Tetra Pak’s commitment to the growth and success of the local operation in South Africa. The upgrade will take place over a period of several years, commencing in the first quarter of 2022. The upgrade will increase production capacity and Tetra Pak’s ability to serve more customers in the Southern African region at a competitive cost. It will also reduce CO2 emissions through greater energy and water efficiency.

Pinetown factory in South Africa

Turkey’s first ‘zero waste’ recycling plant for carton packages

Tetra Pak Turkey in collaboration with Kahramanmaraş Paper (KMK) has established Turkey’s first and only ‘zero waste’ recycling plant for carton packages. The plant enables the recycling of all components of carton packages, including aluminium and polyethylene, and has an annual capacity of 18 thousand tonnes – equivalent to half a million carton packages every day. The fibres from carton packages are converted into a variety of high-quality, high-strength products, like cardboard boxes, cardboard gussets and gypsum board paper. The mixture of polyethylene and aluminium can be used for a wide range of new products – from pallets to playground equipment and benches.

People in KMK zero waste recycling plant

Kunshan integrated site inaugurated

Tetra Pak’s Kunshan integrated site was inaugurated in November and is the first of its kind in Greater China. The site is a platform for our end-to-end solutions, from innovation incubation at the Product Development Centre, to processing and packaging equipment production, packaging material production and validation, training services and parts supply. “Tetra Pak is the only company capable of providing these kinds of end-to-end solutions and showcases our strength to customers in one location,” says Paul Zhu, Greater China Managing Director.