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Protects what’s good

At Tetra Pak, our approach to sustainability is shaped by our brand promise: PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD™. We bring this promise to life by protecting food, people and our planet.

We are committed to lead the sustainability transformation through solutions and partnerships that leave a positive impact on the world’s climate and resources. Our actions to protect the environment are more important than ever, for our planet, for our customers and for ourselves.

We are committed to reducing the environ­mental footprint of our products and services, and consistently pursuing and initiating collec­tive actions that will help create a sustainable tomorrow without compromising food safety or quality.

Food packaging – part of the solution

Packaging plays a critical role in the global food system, helping to keep food safe, nutritious and available for people all around the world. But packaging can also cause problems for the planet, from the depletion of finite resources to increasing carbon emissions and waste.

Although our carton packages have always used mostly plant-based materials and comparative studies find them to have a lower carbon footprint than alternatives*, they also contain thin layers of plastic and aluminium. We’re actively working to reduce and remove these materials and increase the paper-based content in our carton packages – to develop the world’s most sustainable food package.

Go nature. Go carton.

Our journey to deliver the world’s most sustainable food package is summed up by our new campaign – Go nature. Go carton. Our aim is to create cartons made solely from renewable or recycled materials, that are responsibly sourced, are fully recyclable and carbon-neutral, to optimise sustainability at every stage of the lifecycle.

Carbon neutral packaging

To develop the world’s most sustainable food package, we follow a circular model

Raw material & sourcing
Paper-based carton packages made from fully renewable or recycled materials that are sourced responsibly.

Production & distribution
Carbon-neutral production with minimal environmental impact.

Food protection & consumption
Packaging that makes food safe and available backed by solutions that ensure traceability and reduce food waste.

Fully recyclable packaging with supporting collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure everywhere to keep materials in use.

Minimising the use of plastics and using materials with a reduced impact on nature.

Leading the sustainability transformation

Our Strategy 2030 aims to ensure that Tetra Pak leads the sustainability transformation in the industry over the next decade.

We are working to support the sustainable future of our planet and the long-term success of our customers, as well as the success of our own business. These ambitions are embodied in two of our Strategy 2030 goals – to lead with low-carbon circular economy solutions and to enhance sustainability across the value chain.

Our commitment to sustainability
At Tetra Pak, we have worked for years to reduce the environmental impact and increase the renewability of our packages. Now we are accelerating our efforts as we pursue our ambition to deliver the world’s most sustainable food package – that is fully made from renewable or recycled materials, is fully recyclable and carbon-neutral. Our sustainability work is also becoming increasingly holistic by incorporating important topics such as protecting biodiversity and establishing water stewardship.

For our packaging, this means continuing to build a more sustainable portfolio of recyclable, renewable and low-carbon solutions, including anti-littering openings for our packages – from paper straws, where work is advancing at pace, to tethered caps and other innovative solutions.

Partnering for a low-carbon society
We are contributing to a low-carbon economy by striving to minimise impact across our entire value chain, starting by optimising our own operations and, through our solutions and services, those of our customers. Partnerships are essential to realise this ambition, promote responsible sourcing, recycling and circularity.

Our climate targets involve achieving net zero GHG emissions by 2030, with the same ambition for the entire value chain by 2050.

Green globe and carton packages

External advisory panel to guide our sustainability initiatives

In 2020, Tetra Pak formed an External Sustainability Advisory Panel, comprising of six renowned experts from across the world, bringing together specialised know­ledge on different aspects of sustainability.

One of the primary objectives of the panel is to provide external counsel, insight and advice to the company on how we can design and execute initiatives that drive sustainability throughout our business and the wider industry.

In addition, the panel members will engage in various sustainability and communication initiatives spearheaded by the company.

Our external sustainability advisors
Trewin Restorick
Environmental campaigner and Founder of Hubbub UK
Rachel Kyte
CEO Sustainable Energy for All
Johan Rockström
Director of PIK Climate, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Changhua Wu
CEO Future Innovation Centre, Founder & CEO of TECONET
Malini Mehra
CEO Globe International
Daniel Esty
Professor of Environmental Law and Policy, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale Law School

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