​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DeLaval Highlights 2021/2022

DeLaval Parlour P100 – for a smooth and efficient milking process

The parlour was developed with input from customers and a focus on work efficiency, animal welfare and farm profitability. “With the P100, we present a new side-by-side parlour that combines simplicity, functionality and extraordinary efficiency in a conventional exit system,” says Karol Ferenc, DeLaval Cluster Solution Specialist Parlours. “We are pleased with the performance achieved with the DeLaval P100 parlour and the reactions of our customers and the feedback we received from the installations.” Besides ensuring a smooth milking process, the P100 is easy to install, uses less resources and enables the right automation for each farm.

DeLaval Parlour P100

DeLaval introduces new manure robots for solid floors

To improve cow comfort and especially hoof condition, DeLaval has introduced a new robot collector series to its existing family of robots. The new robotic collector series, including RC550 and RC700, is designed for solid floors and can handle most types of manure. It does not need added water and adapts to the barn instead of having to adapt the barn to the manure system. “With the new robot collector series, we take the next step in completing our robotic family, helping farmers around the globe to increase farm profitability, especially as availability of labour is scarce,” says Paul Löfgren, President & CEO.

DeLaval robot

Improved waste management saves 43 tonnes of CO2

DeLaval production sites around the world have reduced waste by around four per cent, despite increased volumes. By reducing packaging waste, the production sites have avoided the creation of over 43 tonnes of CO2. “There is a strong commitment among the team and leaders to find and highlight the excessive use of materials and transportation in a structured way,” says Gustav Nordlander, Manager Production Planning Europe. “The result is truly fantastic and motivates everybody to make further improvements.”

Cardboard boxes with green leaf

Increasing our knowledge in sustainable dairy farming

The two-day digital bi-annual Large Customer Project Support and Development Conference involving DeLaval experts and guest speakers focused on emerging technologies and solutions. Over 150 attendees listened to speakers from Arla, Tetra Pak, National Milk Producers in the US and DeLaval experts who shared insights on sustainability in dairy farming and carbon footprint calculations. “The key takeaway from the conference was that no one size farm fits all. Milk production efficiency with animal welfare and cow comfort at the centre, secures food safety and food availability,” says Lior Yaron, Vice President Large Customer Project Support.

Computer showing digital meeting

DeLaval supports Pathways to Dairy Net Zero

The global dairy sector has joined forces to accelerate climate action and help reduce dairy’s impact on the planet. The entire international dairy supply chain, which produces nutritious foods for six billion people and provides livelihoods for one billion people worldwide, is called on to step up its climate ambition and unite behind this movement. “As a supporter of Pathways to Dairy Net Zero, DeLaval recognises that dairy helps create sustainable food systems, ensuring high-quality nutrition for all. Reducing emissions today will safeguard nutritional security and sustain livelihoods for tomorrow,” says Paul Löfgren, President & CEO.

We support Pathways to Dairy Net Zero banner

German site recertified as ‘Family Friendly’

DeLaval’s site in Gallin, Germany, has been re-certified according to the ‘Family Friendly Award’ for offering a valued workplace with a strong focus on work-life balance for the 2022-2024 period. The award is handed out annually by the local authorities to businesses that promote a good work-life balance.

“We particularly impressed the jury with our exemplary COVID-19 measures and family-­friendly flexibility with home working for our employees,” says Andrea Lemke, Director HR Central Europe & Supply Chain. “This certification makes DeLaval stand out from the crowd as a company that values its employees and strives to ensure a good work-life balance.”

Family Friendly awards logo