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Food safety with aseptic PET line

ITC ensures food safety in India with Sidel’s complete aseptic PET line

ITC, one of India’s leading private sector companies, has introduced a brand-new range of UHT milk-based drinks with fruit pieces and expanded its juice portfolio by trusting Sidel’s proven expertise in aseptic packaging and PET design. Featuring the first dry preform sterilisation in India, the new line ensures the highest level of hygiene and food safety, together with ease of operations and maintenance while offering outstanding flexibility to switch easily from one product to another.

ITC Limited has a diversified portfolio in the food and beverage, packaging, agriculture and hospitality sectors since 1910.

With the consumer shift in preference to nutritional drinks in small formats, ITC decided to launch a new milk-based drink Sunfeast Wonderz Milk and added a portfolio of premium not-from-concentrate juices to its existing B Natural brand. To make this happen, they cooperated with Sidel to ensure absolute food safety for production, based on their trust in Sidel’s proven expertise in aseptic PET packaging. They also enhanced their brand experience by having three new PET bottles designed by Sidel packaging experts.

As ITC was unfamiliar with aseptic PET production, Sidel provided comprehensive advice – from bottle designs to helping decide which recipes to launch on the market and which PET barrier material to choose.

The complete line includes Tetra Pak Processing System technologies, Aseptic Combi Predis™, a RollQuattro labeller, a sleever, shrink-­wrapping, a PalKombi palletiser, pallet stretch wrapping systems, and EIT®.