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Food quality

Quality analysis reduces defect rate

When a Spanish dairy found product defects during routine sampling, they asked Tetra Pak to conduct a quality analysis to identify production issues and recommend how the system could be improved.

Identifying improvement opportunities

Last year, a customer’s UHT milk factory in Spain was experiencing issues with quality and consumer claims. Tetra Pak planned a quality analysis together with the customer, giving them the opportunity to fully understand their processes and pain points.

The analysis compared the customer’s processes with industry best practice in terms of production and cleaning in the filling area. A Tetra Pak Food Processing Specialist worked closely with the customer as part of an Integrated Service Contract to find potential issues and identify improvement opportunities.

Solutions for efficiency, quality and safety bring defects down to zero

Several wrong practices and issues related to incorrect maintenance were identified and Tetra Pak worked with the customer to improve their processes. Together with the customer, Tetra Pak implemented a variety of solutions to improve efficiency, quality and ultimately, food safety. These included installing new software and conducting an analysis to further improve customer processes.

By working together with the customer, Tetra Pak helped reduce the number of defects at the UHT milk factory from over three per million in August 2020, to zero in January 2021.