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Sustainability report 2022 now published

In the report, there are status updates on the goals and targets we have set as well as examples of activities related to all three sustainability pillars. You can also learn how advisory services are important for sustainability, how human interaction is critical for animal welfare on robotic farms and that the measurement of our scope one, two and scope three upstream emissions are already resulting in changes that are reducing our carbon footprint. 

“At DeLaval, we are guided by our vision ‘we make sustainable food production possible.’ This vision places demands on us while at the same time inspires us. It’s the reason we go to work in the morning. Making sustainable food production possible means, for us, going beyond the basic minimum legal requirements on sustainability. It means paving the way for future generations and finding new ways to accelerate the speed of change to a more sustainable dairy industry,” says Paul Löfgren, President & CEO.

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