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DeLaval announces partnership with leading  milk cooling tank manufacturer, SERAP 

11 April, 2024 | News Press Release

Paul Löfgren (left) and Eric Boittin (right) signing the partnership agreement.
Paul Löfgren (left) and Eric Boittin (right) signing the partnership agreement.

Tumba, Sweden and Gorron, France, 11 April 2024 – DeLaval, renowned for its innovative dairy farming solutions, has established a strategic alliance with SERAP, a globally recognised leader in manufacturing cooling tanks. Commencing in the fourth quarter of 2024, SERAP will assume full ownership over product development, manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance of DeLaval’s milk cooling tanks on a global scale.

SERAP, with manufacturing facilities spanning France, India, Brazil, and Mexico, emerged as the natural partner for DeLaval in this collaboration. Leveraging their global presence and extensive facilities, SERAP can harness its vast experience to streamline production and delivery processes, potentially reducing lead times.  

The DeLaval milk coolers, developed by and sourced from SERAP, will be DeLaval branded and will feature their own technical specifications. This assortment will resemble DeLaval’s previous milk tank offerings, catering to the diverse needs of DeLaval’s customers.  

Paul Löfgren, CEO and President of DeLaval, says: “We are experiencing significant demand for our core products, particularly the VMS robotic milking machines, driven by the agricultural sector’s increased focus on sustainability. Collaborating with SERAP and entrusting them with responsibility for the cooling tanks enables DeLaval to boost production on our other core product lines to meet this demand. However, cooling remains an essential part of DeLaval’s product portfolio, efficiently overseen by SERAP.”  

Eric Boittin, CEO of SERAP, says: “This collaboration brings together two global leaders. DeLaval-branded milk coolers, manufactured by SERAP, will feature customised technical specifications tailored to meet diverse customer needs, ensuring continuity and excellence in product performance. Of course, SERAP will continue to sell its own range of milk coolers, independently and through its own distribution network, under its own brand and with its own technical specifications.” 

Existing DeLaval dealers can expect seamless continuity in sales, installation, and servicing of cooling solutions. Comprehensive commercial and technical training on the future cooling assortment will ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted support for customers. All current orders will be fulfilled as scheduled, and logistics and transport will continue as is via platforms or direct to dealers under the responsibility of DeLaval.  

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Jenny Gelin, Head of Communications, DeLaval International AB

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