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Tetra Laval extends partnership with Help to Help - Supporting young changemakers in Uganda

Tetra Laval group has been a partner to Help to Help since 2017, enabling the foundation's expansion into Uganda. Now the group is extending the partnership for an additional six years, until 2028. Thanks to Tetra Laval's support, nearly a hundred young changemakers in Uganda have been able to pursue education in fields such as agronomy, engineering and health care.

In Uganda, there is a great need to increase the percentage of individuals with higher education. Out of a population of over 47 million, only 5 percent proceed to higher education, posing a hindrance to the country's development. In Sweden, the equivalent figure is 45 percent. So far, 144 young changemakers have had the opportunity to study at Ugandan universities through Help to Help's scholarship program, with Tetra Laval being a significant financial contributor. Over the next six years, Help to Help plans to admit over 100 more students in Uganda to the program.

The students supported by Help to Help, in turn, provide financial support to their families and communities, serving as role models and leaders while driving change in their professions. Help to Help's impact measurements show that, on average, previous scholars support 5-6 family members or relatives financially, at least one year after graduation. Many enable education for siblings and other family members by covering school fees, meals, or accommodation. 95 percent of Help to Help scholars have a qualified occupation at least one year after graduation.

"Tetra Laval has been collaborating with Help to Help for many years, and we have seen that the model works and leads to tangible and sustainable development. We are proud to continue facilitating education for more young talents in Uganda while contributing to the country's future workforce, especially in the fields of agriculture and food," says Lars Holmquist, spokesperson for the Tetra Laval Group.

Similar to many other African countries, agriculture is the primary industry in Uganda. Agricultural products account for nearly half of the country's exports and provide for up to 80 percent of the population, the majority of whom engage in small-scale farming. Uganda has a young and rapidly growing population, with approximately half under the age of 15 and over 70 percent under 30 years of age. At the same time, the average age among farmers is high - a generational shift in the agricultural industry is necessary and working methods need to be modernised.

"I am very pleased with Tetra Laval's renewed trust. Together with one of Sweden's largest company groups, we can offer more youth in Uganda a life-changing education. So far, our partnership with Tetra Laval has enabled education for nearly a hundred young changemakers, and we look forward to continuing to make a difference for many more," says Clara Luthman, Managing Director of Help to Help.