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Training dairy farmers in Panama

Supporting a self-sufficient dairy sector in Panama

Tetra Laval Food for development and Tetra Pak customer Industrias Lácteas S.A are supporting the development of a more self-sufficient dairy sector in Panama

Supporting local farmers in Dominican Republic

Supporting customers improving dairy farming in Dominican Republic

Tetra Laval Food for Development have supported Tetra Pak customers in introducing the Dairy Hub model to secure a stable supply of local quality milk

Medical exam, school children in Kenya

Partnership to deliver fortified porridge to school children

To address issues with food safety and access to safe nutrition in schools, a partnership was established to develop a highly nutritional ready-to-drink product

School feeding programmes in Philippines, girl handing out school milk

Locally produced milk in schools to address malnutrition

The Department of Education in Philippines has introduced a school feeding program to improve nutritional status and school performance among school children.

School milk to children in Syria

School milk improves nutritionand attendance in Syria and Lebanon

School milk plays a role improving enrolment and decreasing drop-out rates among refugee school children in both Syria and Lebanon.

Dairy hubs in Albanie

Dairy Hubs in Albania

Tetra Pak and Tetra Laval Food for Development have launched a three-year technical assistance project with dairy processors Agroal & Global Services, Sh.p.k.

Girl rinsing Acerola cherries

Innovating with local juice beverages in a school feeding programme in Guyana

Juice beverages distributed as a complimentary breakfast snack has played a significant role in boosting classroom attendance rates

School children Ecuador

Improved child nutrition and local agriculture development in Ecuador

The Ecuador school feeding programme has provided children all over the country access to safe nutrition while enhancing the development of local agriculture.

Dairy hubs in Kenya

New Dairy Hub in Kenya

Tetra Laval Food for Development and Tetra Pak in extended partnership ​for a new Dairy Hub in Kenya

School milk in Burundi

New school milk programme in Burundi for improved child health

The objective of the programme is to contribute to the positive health of children, school attendance, and local dairy development.

Dairy development in Uganda, support to smallholder farmers

Technical assistance programme in Uganda

Uganda’s dairy sector plays a very important role – both in the economic development and as a source of nutrition in the country.

Farmers in Honduras

Dairy Hub project in Honduras

Tetra Laval Food for Development and Tetra Pak Central America & Caribbean have implemented a Dairy Hub project together with a local customer, Lacthosa.

School children Paraguay

Overcoming distribution and malnutrition challenges in the Paraguay school milk programme

Paraguay has a long running school milk programme to address challenges related to malnutrition and social safety protection.

Milk collection

Turning challenges into opportunities in Nicaragua

We have worked together to provide consumers with locally produced quality milk and improve smallholder dairy farmers’ livelihoods.

School girls in Mexico

School milk programme in Mexico

The school milk programme in Mexico has made a significant contribution to addressing challenges like malnutrition, education and food insecurity.

Dairy farmer in Kenya

Dairy Hub project in Kenya raises milk productivity

In Kenya, Tetra Pak and Tetra Laval Food for Development are collaborating with partners to help 30,000 farmers to increase dairy productivity and income

School girls in Sri Lanka

School milk programme launched to improve food security in Sri Lanka​

A school milk programme was launched in Sri Lanka​ in 2019, with the objectives of providing locally sourced quality nutrition and boosting milk production.